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Learnt a lot of new things about content marketing which I can apply to my own projects immediately. Not only was the course very informative, but it was also presented in a fun way, which made me really want to continue with the course.
Kevin Voetelink
mDash Student
A real winner on modern-day productivity! Great graphics, narration, succinct and punchy in its content! Brad Merrill provides the optimal amount of actionable content that really gets to the heart of productivity and procrastination.
Steven P Harbour
mDash Student
The presenter, overall, was masterful in his knowledge of the course material, and in relating the material to the audience. It is definitely worthwhile to take notes while watching this learning module.
George Chang
mDash Student
Brad has the course broken down into bite sized chunks and it’s very easy to follow. This course is incredibly thorough and helpful! Thank you so much!
Jennifer Hunter
mDash Student

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